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2024 Young Artists and Authors Showcase
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What is YAAS?
The Young Artists and Authors Showcase (YAAS) is an annual contest that encourages youth between 13 and 18 years of age worldwide to express the mission of Sister Cities International through original artwork, literature, photography, and music.
Selected Grand Prize Winners in each category will win a $1,000 prize, while second place winners will win $250, and third place winners will be awarded $100. Winners’ artwork will be displayed on the Sister Cities Website after the winners are announced during the Youth Leadership Summit.

Eligibility and Guidelines
Students are to check in with their member cities to ensure eligibility for this YAAS competition. Sister City organizations must ensure that they are dues paying members. After this coordination, the application can be filled out for submission.
There is NO fee to submit an entry to YAAS at the national office. Students must be 13-18 years old to participate in the YAAS competition.


Submission Deadline: May 1, 2024

Please visit 2024 YAAS application to enter this year's YAAS contest.



Council Mtg Presentation

Feb. 13, 2024, CSCA directors, family, friends and Carlsbad Council members shared a Lego project presentation from Futtsu's recent visit.



The Futtsu and Carlsbad mayors competed in a Lego building competion at LEGOLAND on Saturday, Aug. 26.


Below are a few photos plus an excerpt from an amateur home video of our 35 Year Anniversary Celebration of our relationship with Futtsu.



Futtsu 2023 photos

Please visit Google Photos to see many more photos capturing their recent visit to Japan.



Please contact us for program details:

If you would like to help defer the costs of our students' trip, please go to Join Us.



Carlsbad Sister City Ambassadors and Carlsbad Councilwoman Teresa Acosta attended the Swearing ceremony of Assemblyman Tasha Boerner Horvath on January 14, 2023.


IX. Our Youth Ambassadors had a memorable time on a visit to our Sister Ciies in Japan:



Poet ValerieArianna is from Sage Creek and she won the Sister Cities International Young Poet's first place award of $1000. Council Member Teresa Acosta presented her with the award. This year Carlsbad more than doubled the number of students submitting various kinds of art for the annual contest.





Community ConnectionsCarlsbad Sister City Ambassadors
Tom Hersant and Polly Yu Create
Meaningful International Connections







III. A video highlighting Carlsbad's many attractions:

Carlsbad's Sage Creek High School alumnus Danylo Drohobytsky produced a remarkable video for CSCA during his days as a student and Junior Ambassador.




XI. Carlsbad High School alumnus Emily reflects on her experience with the Youth Ambassador Exchange Program to Futtsu, Japan:



From the Editor’s Desk, April 2024

Once again CSCA along with SisterCity International is sponsoring the 2024 YOUNG ARTISTS AND AUTHORS SHOWCASE. The Young Artists and Authors Showcase (YAAS) is an annual contest that encourages youth worldwide to express the mission of Sister Cities International through original artwork, literature, photography, and music. See more details and signup for those interested to the left.

Please consider a great CSCA sponsored tour to our Sister City Karlovy Vary in the Spring of this year. After expressing your interest by submitting the signup form, a detailed itinerary and further details will be sent to you. [Note: This tour has been postponed until Spring 2025. We'll keep you posted.]

Ms. Mayor Andrea  Pfeffer Ferklova of Karlovy Vary invited us to a special event from November 24th through the 26th . View a video of Tom's trip to Karlovy Vary shown on the left.

CSCA's president Tom Hersant presented before Carlsbad City Council a brief review of its accomplishments in 2023 and a look forward to upcoming projects. In attendance were two CSCA sposored students, Rhiana and Isaac, along with CSCA Directors Laurenn Barker and Katherine Doherty. The Mayor and Council Members Bhat-Patel and Acosta expressed interest with the idea of a new Ireland connection. That makes it a definite “Go” for Council approval if we get agreement with the Northwest Ireland folks on a beginning Friendship relationship.

Our latest Newsletter was sent out. If you aren't on our mailing list yet, go to Join Us and sign up.

Please read this informative article, A Tale of Two Cities: Bridging the Gap between Czechoslovakia and California in The Sage about Carlsbad and sister city Karlovy Vary. Also, please visit Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Los Angelesfor upcoming events and articles

Our Carlsbad students returned on June 23rd from a delightfully memorable visit to Futtsu and other Japan cities and now it is our turn to receive four middle school girls and three chaperones; one lady and two men. A four student and two chaperone delegation from Futtsu, Japan visited us this August 22-27. Some of the planned activities for our delegation visitors included trips to Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive and an Angels baseball game. There was a meet-and-greet at Carlsbad High School and later visit to LEGOLAND.

Then there was the great reception held at the La Costa Valley Master Association on Friday, Aug. 25 to honor CSCA's 35 year anniversary sister city affiliation with Futtsu, Japan. Over seventy invited guests were there to help us celebrate. With some sadness our guest delegation will be departing Sunday morning, Aug. 28.

A mayor-to-mayor Lego building competition at LEGOLAND was held Saturday, August 26th. See a video of the fun on the left!



2023 YAAS

See also:
CSCA Youth Ambassador Flyer

CSCA recently joined the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce and will be involved with the education and business committees.  Attending the Chamber's Rising Stars breakfast honoring high school students are CSCA directors Laurenn Barker and Polly Yu. Pictured with them is Bret Schanzenbach, President and CEO of the Chamber.

CSCA joins Carlsbad Cahmber



In this video, Tom explains CSCA's relationship with Futtsu, the Japanese culture, and what you can expect to experience on one of our tours:


Carlsbad city limits sign





Why Do We Have “Sister Cities”?

There is an interesting article by Dan Kopf found on Priceonomics about the history of sister cities along with a current overview of world and state pairings.

It pays to be a member. If you want to be included in this lucky group of international bon vivants, just go to Join Us and inform us of your interest!

Welcome To Carlsbad Sister  City Ambassadors' website

Carlsbad enjoys Sister City relationships with Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic and the Japanese City of Futtsu. This web site provides an easy, accessible forum in which the citizens of Carlsbad, Karlovy Vary and Futtsu can exchange and share information about their communities that will help to enrich our mutual understanding and appreciation for one another as global partners.

Mission Statement

Creating connections between Carlsbad and internationally dispersed communities to promote peace, cultural awareness and economic opportunities.

We welcome your participation!

• Student home stay exchanges

• Group travel for pleasure or business Arts and culture

• Food for thought - films and talks by visitors give a taste of Futtsu and Karlovy Vary

• Looking ahead - envisions athletic competitions, business seminars and related opportunities to cement and expand community and business relations here and overseas.